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Cambodia is a country with an ancient history. Here you will find everything you need for a rich and memorable vacation. You will see stunning old temple complexes in the jungle. You can enjoy a beach holiday, taste exotic dishes and all kinds of tropical fruits, and buy something to remember the trip. Cambodians are very welcoming, and many of them speak English rather well. Discover this great country before it becomes too expensive to visit. On this site, you will find everything you need to make your own Cambodia travel itinerary.

Angkor – need guide for neophytes?

Angkor Wat is the main, but not the only, temple located near Siem Reap. The entire area of ​​the complex often referred to as Angkor, is about 300 square kilometers. Fortunately, the most famous temples are located near Siem Reap…


General information about Cambodia

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country with ancient temples, protected forests, and sandy beaches. Cambodia has a rich history and a harrowing fate. Cambodia

2023 Southeast Asian Games

2023 Southeast Asian Games

Guests of Cambodia who decides to visit this beautiful country in May 2023 will witness a grand event, an event that is held every two years in the countries of Southeast Asia.
It will be the 2023 Southeast Asian Games…