Weather: best time to visit Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country to visit. But when is the best time to visit Cambodia?

The weather in Cambodia is pretty good, with cool nights and great days throughout the year. The climate of Cambodia, located in the subequatorial climate zone, is determined by the monsoon winds that define the two main seasons of the year.

From mid-May to early October, prevailing solid southwest monsoon winds bring heavy rain and high humidity.
From early November to mid-March, lighter, drier northeast monsoon winds bring partly cloudy weather, infrequent rainfall, and lower humidity. The weather between these seasons is transitional.

Maximum temperatures are high throughout the year, ranging from around 28°C in January, the coldest month, to about 35°C in April. Annual precipitation varies considerably throughout the country, from over 5000 mm on the seaward slopes of the southwestern highlands to about 1270-1400 mm in the central lowlands. Three-quarters of the annual precipitation falls during the months of the southwest monsoon.

Average monthly temperatures and precipitation in Sihanoukville

Temp. max, °C31.331.232.133.732.331.230.030.830.830.831.231.7
Temp. min, °C23.924.625.425.026.826.325.925.125.224.724.423.5
Precip, мм28.325.250.3124.8207.3252.7341.4377.2320.6290.4138.254.4
Weather in Cambodia
Siem Reap Angkor

When is the best time to visit Cambodia?

If you are visiting during the dry season when there are fewer tourists around, you will have more space to explore and the jungle is more beautiful than usual.

Spring is the most pleasant time to visit Cambodia. Thus, if you tolerate the heat well, then the best time to visit Cambodia for you will be the spring months: March, and April

Autumn (September – November) is also a great time to visit, although it’s the least popular season among tourists. In any case, visiting from November to May will save you from heavy humidity and continuous downpours.

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